Buena Vista Resort offers the largest bear hunting area on the lake with 108 square kilometers of land on the island.  There is a 73% success rate on bear capture with our baited stands.  Spring and fall bear hunts are offered and our outpost cabin in in the middle of this pristine area. 

Duck hunting was very good last year and promises to be great again this year.  Here's a story from last year: 

    "It was one of those perfect days that a hunter always remembers.  It was snowing, the wind was blowing and the ducks were fresh, just in from the north and decoying.  There were Redheads, Canvas backs, Blue Bills, Golden eyes and Buffelheads.  The weather became worse over the next few days but it was a perfect hunting trip. The Mills Brothers (the hunters not the singers) hunted with the Artist south of the resort and watched ducks rather than shot them.  The next two days they hunted with Alex north of the resort, and let's just say that they shot ducks." 

Whether it be fishing or hunting, there can be a guide at your service to show you the nuances of the area, give you tips on technique and spin a good yarn.


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